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FID Mission Statement
Farmers Irrigation District strives to promote ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable agriculture by providing energy and irrigation service for the common good.

The District Today
Farmers Irrigation District is located in Hood River, Oregon, in the beautiful, culturally rich Columbia River Gorge. It is a nonprofit government agency founded in 1874. Water is provided to over 5,800 acres of land, both residential and agricultural. The Hood River Valley produces large quantities of high value pears, apples, cherries, and wine grapes

Serving the Northern Hood River Valley since 1874.

Current News

05-18-15 - Irrigation Strategies for Established and New Orchards Read more...

05-06-15 - Cascade Mountain School
Cascade Mountain School is an outdoor science program for middle and high school students based out of the Columbia River Gorge near Hood River, Oregon and Trout Lake, Washington. The summer science school offers seven - to 14-day courses where the outdoors serve as the classroom for students as they learn about climate change, watershed science, sustainable agriculture and more. Cascade Mountain School is a project of the Mt. Adams Institute, a nonprofit organization committed to strengthening the connection between people and the natural world. This year we're also offering summer day camps for ages 6-12 including art, nature, farm, and maker camps. To learn more about this year's programs, to register online, or to apply for a scholarship, go to cascademountainschool.org or email emily@cascademountainschool.org.

04-17-15 - Drought Alert: 2015 Drought Curtailment Plan
Irrigation season is April 15th to September 30th, and drought impact is projected to strike beginning mid-June or earlier. Accordingly, we'll implement water conservation measures at the very beginning of the season. If it is raining during April and May, we will delay irrigation season startup. This approach could ameliorate, but is not expected to eliminate, the need to implement our 2015 Drought Curtailment Plan. Read full article (PDF).

03-31-15 - Scheduled Irrigation Outage for 2015 Summer
FID has been aggressively upgrading its water delivery system over the last several years. We are happy to report that the job is nearly complete with only a few projects remaining. A tremendous amount of effort, planning, and expense has been made over the years to strictly limit our project construction to times outside of irrigation season so that our patrons are minimally impacted. Read more...

02-12-15 - FID Hydro Equipment For Sale
The Farmers Irrigation District has announced two Francis style turbine generators for sale. Please click here to download the For Sale Flyer. Serious inquiries only.

05-20-14 - Interested in Hydropower?
Click here to read In-Conduit Hydro Opportunities in Existing Water Systems.


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